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High VG / 100ml Bottle. 0mg Nicotine

Nom Bongo: A tropical, fruity, summery treat!!  A magical blend of peach, papaya and mango...nom nom.

Nom Bongo with Ice: The classic Nom Bongo flavour served straight from the fridge...nom nom.

Blue Cheese: Creamy cheesecake topped with delicate blueberries, finished off with a tasty biscuit base... nom nom

Monkey Brek: A gorgeous banana cream swirled through thick, creamy custard with a delicious biscuity undertone…nom nom.

Fried Custard: Delicious fried dough filled with luxurious vanilla custard, a fried treat without the calories... nom nom.

Strawberry Ambrosia: Delicious fresh strawberries covered in Devon's finest, this one will keep you coming back, time and time again…nom nom.

Dough Boy: A scrumptious sugary doughnut, injected with thick creamy custard with a dollop of blackberry jam... nom nom. 

Creme Anglaise: If you’re still looking for that perfect vanilla custard, or even if you’ve found it, we’re positive you’ll love this one….nom nom

Krispy Treat: Crispy rice packed together with marshmallow and caramel, with a peanut butter twist. Just like Mum used to make...nom nom.

Salted Indulgence: A creamy custard base, smothered in warm salted caramel with a sprinkle of brown sugar for a touch of sweetness…nom nom.

Grimm's Nectar: A succulent apple pie engorged with creamy custard and a caramel drizzle, finished off with a sprinkle of cinnamon...nom nom.

Chew Bacco:  A truly indulgent dessert tobacco with notes of caramel, vanilla, custard, gingerbread and more...nom nom.

Lime Bake: Fresh baked cookies straight from the oven with a lime cream centre and a hint of coconut...nom nom.

Nutter Custard: So we thought we'd take two of our favourite things to eat, and cram them into a delicious vape!! Custard and peanut butter...nom nom.

Pear Drips: Our take on a classic!! This isn't your average pear drops flavour, we've added a touch of magic that will make your mouth water...nom nom.

Pineapple Cup: All butter pastry with pineapple jam, buttercream and fondant...nom nom.

Cinnabomb Haze: Delicious cinnamon cream sponge, glazed with a gorgeous raspberry icing...nom nom.

Holy Cannoli: A delicious pastry tube filled with a lemon cream centre and sprinkled with moreish pistachios...nom nom.

Lime Tart: Lime, cream and pastry combine to make a mouth watering dessert flavour. You'll be licking your lips after every vape...nom nom.