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Jax Custard 100mls

Jax Custard 100mls

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100ml - High VG

Apple Pie: Buttery. Baked. Sharp. Crisp apple slices wrapped in flaky pastry topped with lashings of silky custard.

Banana: Ripened. Tropical. Caramelised. Sun ripened banana brushed with golden honey, grilled to perfection and smothered in mellow vanilla custard.

Berry Pie: Fresh. Juicy. Seasonal. Sweet and sour handfuls of stewed summer fruits folded with thin filo pastry and topped with creamy custard. 

Blueberry: Crisp. Cool. Plump. No candied fruit flavouring here; a handful of naturally tart blueberries dropped into a steaming bowl of creamy vanilla custard.

Cereal: Crunchy. Clustered. Wholesome. A biscuity base with hearty oat and almond clusters lavishly topped with a dairy cream custard.

Fudge: Creamy. Mellow. Soft. Inspired by the traditional fudge made in Devon and Cornwall, this treat is complimented with a custardy twist.

Marshmallow: Soft. Fluffy. Fragrant. Jumbo marshmallow pieces (dusted with fine icing sugar) dipped and coated in warm vanilla custard.

Mint: Light. Cool. Refreshing. Home grown garden mint bunched and blended together with a creamy vanilla custard base.

Peanut Butter: Sticky. Nutty. Moreish. A flavour to rival any American spread, this peanut butter packs the crunch and sweetness of whole peanuts into every hit.

Raspberry Donut: Soft. Warm. Sweet. Tart Raspberry jam encased in soft butter dough, topped with crystallised sugar and JaX signature vanilla custard.

Salted Caramel: Salty. Gooey. Sweet. A subtle sea-salt contrasts with a sweet caramel liquor finish, complemented by the signature vanilla custard base.

Strawberry: Fresh. Natural. Sweet. The nation’s favourite flavour; hand-picked strawberry sweetness blended with traditional dairy custard.

Tobacco: Golden. Toasted. Premium. The warming quality of whole leaf tobacco married with a soothing vanilla custard base.

Vanilla: Smooth. Silky. Satisfying. The original handcrafted recipe offering up spoonful’s of warm vanilla custard.

Waffle: Golden. Soft. Continental. Crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside; smooth, sweetened batter fried to perfection and smothered in silky vanilla custard.

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