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The Vaporesso GTX-2 Coil, an improved and perfected version of its predecessor GTX, will give you the extra kick you crave. With the capability to produce dense thick clouds, particularly when combined with higher wattage devices, this coil is really the heart of compatible Vaporesoo Devices - such as the Luxe PM40, Vaporesso Target PM80, Target PM80SE, Target PM30, GTX One, GEN Nano and Xiron Kit. 

Available in a variety of ohm options, allows you to truly tailor your experience to just how you like it. These coils are suitable for all of the most popular vaping styles - DTL, restricted DTL and MTL and work well with 50:50 VG:PG e-liquids.

By interacting between the flax cotton and the non-woven fabric, the optimal flavor of your e-juice will be released smoothly without a deviation and  the antibacterial cotton will consistently deliver fresh and pure flavor that lasts longer than ever.

The 5 packs of Vaporesso GTX-2 Coils are available in the following resistance options:

Vaporesso coil GTX 0.30ohm mesh - recommended wattage 32W-45W

Vaporesso coil GTX-2 0.20ohm mesh - recommended wattage 45W-60W
Vaporesso coil GTX-2 0.60ohm mesh - recommended wattage 20W-30W
Vaporesso coil GTX-2 0.80ohm mesh - recommended wattage 12W-20W
Vaporesso GTX Coil GTX 0.3ohm Mesh - recommended wattage 32W-45W 

Coils below 1 ohm are also referred to as Sub-Ohm vaping coils, which supports the direct to lung vaping style. When using a Sub-Ohm device, it is recommended you take a big breath through your mouth, direct to your lungs and exhale straight away. Sub-Ohm devices are known for producing a large amount of vapour and thicker clouds. 

These coils are compatible with the following devices: Luxe PM40, Vaporesso Target PM80, Target PM80SE, Target PM30, GTX One, GEN Nano and Xiron Kit.